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Private 1-on-1 Session

Private 1-on-1 Session


The perfect leg up for any skill level. Former Squarespace Template Developer Eric E. Anderson will meet with you to collaborate on your Squarespace website in-depth. Whether you’re just learning the basics of the platform or setting up shop, this 3-hour Private 1-on-1 Session is geared to kick it up a notch and get you over that hump.

Two types are available: In Person (Kansas City Metro Only), or Online (via screen share). Select your preference below. Eric will contact you via email to schedule the collaboration after purchase.


Sample Agendas, Based on Skill Level


We‘ll setup your Squarespace trial website (if you don’t already have one), and cover all the basics so you can start your website on the right footing and own your web presence.

  • Start a Trial

  • Select a Template

  • Review Home Menu and Panels

  • Explain Collections and Navigation

  • Understand Demo Content

  • Create Starter Pages

  • Work with Page Layout and Blocks

  • Introduce Site Styles


You'll be familiar with the basics, but some areas my need attention. We can dive into specific collection types like Blogs or Galleries, or look at other ways to improve your site.

  • Dive Into Collections

  • Review Wording and Copy

  • Simplify Presentation

  • Organize Content

  • Optimize for Search Engines


At this skill level, your website is where you want it to be, but there may be things you'd like to start using or understand better. With your input and my expertise, we can get a lot done.

  • Explore Custom CSS

  • Start an Email Campaign

  • Create Email Automations

  • Edit Customer Notifications

  • Optimize Shipping Methods

This is not an official Squarespace event. Session purchase is non-refundable. Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash