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Reasons to Say Yes

There are many good reasons to get your website online today. Here are three good ones, backed up by some sweet charts and mind blowing statistics. In as little as three days, you could have a website built by E2A Studio.

Reasons to Say “Yes” to Having E2A Studio Build You a Squarespace Website Now

Online Search

97% of smartphone users search for location information online. 88% of the people who find what they were searching for, act on that connection with a call or visit. If they don’t find you, it’s like you don’t exist. Squarespace websites are optimized for search engines automatically.


Responsive Design

The number of people using Internet search engines continues to increase year over year. By 2021, it’s estimated to reach 53.7% of the global population. The number of daily searches on Google tops 3.5 billion and in 10 countries, more searches take place on mobile devices than desktop computers. Squarespace websites are responsive, and work beautifully on mobile devices right out of the box.


Digital Presence

Historically, the phone book was how people found businesses. But, since the Internet revolution, people began to realize it was much easier to find something online. In 2014, digital search overtook analog and is only increasing. In 2017, 70% of consumers don’t even open the phone book and only 11% use the white pages. Squarespace websites cost less for an entire year than one month of a Yellow Pages ad, and have a much further reach.